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Our History


In 1960, the group began as a company that made flipflops (footwear) and water cups for the pilgrims in the Hejaz region of Saudi Arabia. As the potential for plastic products expanded exponentially Arabian Gulf Manufacturers Ltd (AGM) was incorporated in 1963. The factory is spread over a sprawling 90,000 square meters in the industrial area of Jeddah.  Gulf Maid, the brand under AGM, manufactured a wide range of plastic household products such as tables, chairs, bins, cups, plates and much more. The group witnessed great success in these segments and being strategically located near maritime channels in the Red Sea allowed it to export plastics to Europe. 

In 1992, Prime Plastic Products (3P) was established as an offshoot of AGM with a 100,000 sq. m factory to tackle the packaging demands of the fast moving consumer goods industry, which witnessed exponential growth during the early 90s in the Gulf region. 3P focused to cater for the packaging needs of the Food/Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care and Home Care industries. 

Incidentally during this period the GCC found itself in the middle of the construction boom. Millions came in as foreign investment, which presented a unique opportunity for the shrewd leader in Mr. Hashim to make a mark in the construction materials industry. In 2000, the all-new Gulf Manufacturers (GM) began operations in Cairo, Egypt manufacturing a wide range of plastic pipes. 

Thanks to the exceptional teamwork, the group at present has over 2300 employees working in over 43 nations. The annual cumulative production of the group is 300,000 tones.

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