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flexible packaging


3P offers stretch film products that provide enduring performance, maximum efficiency and unmatched value. We offer both machine and hand roll film to suit your needs. 3P stretch specialists can assist you optimize your stretch wrapping process to reduce stretch film material costs while improving containment and protection.



3P Shrink Wrap Film is an LDPE co-extruded blown lm, serves as protective wrapping for articles of merchandise. It consists of clear plastic lm that is wound around the articles and then shrunk by heat to form a sealed, tight-fitting package (Shrink package). Polyethylene (PE) Plain & Printed Shrink Films used as Multi-pack are much in demand for the Juice & Beverages Industries. PE Plain & Printed Rolls are for the packaging application (FFS) in Food & Detergent industries - a very fast growing Packaging sector Worldwide.

Printed Shrink 3.png


3P offers product-labeling solutions to ensure your products are eye catching. Our vibrant labels use the highest quality film material and high gloss paint designed to make your products fly off the shelves.  

Labels (2).PNG


3P offers form fill and seal packaging tailored to your specific needs. FFS offers an advantage when shelf life and appearance are important to create a competitive advantage for your products. It is suitable for packaging for everything from grains and sugar to detergents. FFS offers high heat sealability, high stiffness and strength to protect your products.

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